Le Colonial’s 721 Lounge


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CHALLENGE: Le Colonial wanted to find a way to use a large underutilized bar and lounge space to help generate awareness and ultimately drive revenue for the restaurant.

  • Although the established restaurant remained a go-to for its regular patrons, the space was not on the radar of target millennial consumers

EXECUTION: To help raise awareness and build buzz for the bar and lounge, we developed a new brand identity and created a social strategy to establish the brand on Instagram. We also executed a private preview influencer event to showcase the new menu and space, as well as throw a public launch party for VIPs and GAs

  • In order to begin raising awareness of the new 721 Lounge, we created a logo, messaging and established a social strategy prior to launch

  • To garner feedback on the new food and cocktail menu, as well as begin teasing out the new lounge, we organized a private influencer event, complete with cocktail competition, in partnership with Rémy Cointreau. Through the cocktail competition, the winning influencer drink became a featured drink on the lounge’s new menu

  • Finally, we secured over 100+ RSVPs from key influencers and VIPS for the lounge’s official launch party

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RESULTS: Through all organic (non-paid) efforts, we established a new Instagram account for the bar and lounge and buzz for the lounge remains steady.

  • 200+ followers garnered on Instagram over a two month period

  • 2.8M potential impressions garnered from 11 key influencers from the private influencer event

  • 1.3M potential impressions garnered from the lounge launch party

Chandamheer Stacker