what is stacked together?

Stacked Together [stakt tuh - geth - er] is a digital marketing consulting agency, founded by Chandamheer Stacker. Filled with love for the food and beverage space, as well as all things digital, Chandamheer started Stacked Together to merge the two passions together in hopes of bringing more people around clients’ tables.


meet chanda

Chandamheer Stacker is a digital native and San Francisco-based influencer. With almost a decade of experience in the digital space, Chanda has worked with numerous brands to create strategic marketing campaigns that have cut through the noise to make true business impact. Apart from her professional day-to-day, Chanda is a self-proclaimed foodie, who frequents restaurants, sharing her picks with followers on her blog, Pancake Stacker.

timeline (3).png

Chanda's professional experience in the food space began when she worked in restaurant advertising for S.F. Weekly. Each week, she'd meet with restaurant owners in the city to discuss ways to help promote their businesses. At the same time, Chanda wrote about the local San Francisco food scene on her blog, which she started shortly after graduating college.

Anxious for more creativity and impact, Chanda then began her career as a digital marketer at Allison+Partners, where she worked as a social media strategist and content creator for clients including, ArcLight Cinemas, Capital One (ShareBuilder), Intel, Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurants, Progressive Insurance, and Sexy Hair. It was there, where she truly learned the ropes about all things digital. Chanda later moved on to work at ipsy, the world's fastest growing online beauty community. There, she helped define the brand's social media platform & content strategy, organically growing target platforms by over 150,000 followers in less than six months.

Before deciding to set off on her own, Chanda worked as a digital & influencer marketer at Edelman, a leading communications and marketing agency. Upon joining the Edelman team in 2014, Chanda worked almost exclusively on PayPal, leading the brand's influencer marketing strategy and raising brand awareness and community engagement through strategic partnerships, programs and large-scale campaigns. Chanda also worked on digital programming for HP and The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. 

As a digital influencer, Chanda works with like-minded brands to create authentic partnerships and successful marketing programs, including in-store events, sponsored digital content, video campaigns, and more. Sample partnerships have included Columbus Craft Meats, Whole Foods, Old Navy, Levi's, Benefit Cosmetics, and more. Her blog, Pancake Stacker has been featured by press including Redbook Magazine, Refinery 29, and Teen Vogue. A few of her latest blog projects include photography and content creation for VICE Magazine’s San Francisco photo journal and content creation for the launch of Airbnb’s 2016 global “Guidebooks” representing the San Francisco market.


Chanda holds a B.A. in English World Literature, with a minor in Spanish from UCLA, where she graduated with College Honors.

Client references provided upon request.