Ace Wasabi Rock-N-Roll Sushi


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CHALLENGE: After 23 years in the Marina, established sushi restaurant, Ace Wasabi wanted to bring traffic back into its restaurant.

  • Although Ace had a digital presence with its website and social channels, the social channels were underutilized and lacked a cohesive strategy

  • Ace was missing an opportunity to reach and attract the millennial market with its lack of social presence and digital marketing initiatives

EXECUTION: To help raise awareness and excitement for the brand, we created a digital strategy to establish the brand on social, specifically Instagram and Facebook. We also executed an influencer event to grow reach among our key demographic.

  • After a completing a social audit, we established Ace’s voice and tone, visual brand identity and identified opportunities to capture the market through unique social content

  • We created multiple fun and playful content series such as #RockAndSushiRolls showcasing Ace rolls with popular music lyrics, as well as #PlaceNearAce to showcase Ace merchandise around SF

  • We also drove reach and excitement for Ace by hosting an influencer event, targeting key SF-based food and lifestyle influencers to showcase Ace to their followers

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RESULTS: Through all organic (non-paid) efforts, Ace’s channels have grown in size and traffic to the restaurant continues to grow.

  • 97% increase in Instagram followers to date since beginning to work together in December 2017

  • 160K impressions garnered from December’s influencer event alone

  • Client marked December as their “busiest December in the last 5 years”

Chandamheer Stacker